She must cook

And she must sweep

So packed is she

She can’t even weep

But you don’t budge

And you won’t help

When asked for a hand

You let out a yelp

You work the whole day

Come on – so does she

Allow her a breather

Be a man – can you be?

When she’s all done

You don’t even thank

Somehow being a man

You get a higher rank

I don’t think you care

She’s living or she’s dead

I know you love her

But only when in bed

It’s not a home for her

It’s more like a cage

She might’ve had enough

Beware of her rage!

© Sundaram Chauhan



  1. Be a man – can you be? 👌 Those words are so true. We need real men today, not promoters of patriarchy. Sadly, many women too have been suppressed in this system and have now accepted it as the right way to be, thus the friction between some older women and the younger generation arises. You have penned this down so beautifully😊

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  2. Way to fight the good fight Sundaram. ;)) Love and appreciate the sentiment behind it so much. And it has great rhyme and rhythm!! 👏🙏🙌

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  3. Petition to make this post featured in the blogosphere; because I loved reading every word of it! This post hits home real hard, when it comes to showcasing reality. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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  4. I didn’t get angry, except a bit at myself. I did something more constructive and went get my degrees in Psychology.
    There is an old adage: The best revenge is living well.

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    • That was not my intention at all, to show her as crazy person. Perhaps you’re seeing it from a different angle. Her rage is a result of the oppression she faces everyday. And an antagonist to oppression is a fighter. And such fighting spirits are the ones who are making a mark in today’s world leaving men in many fields behind. I hoped to convey that fighting spirit, and not just any emotional outburst. 🙏🏵️🙏

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      • If people see her rage, and not know what she’s going through, then she’ll just be seen as a typical disgruntled woman. A real woman with a fighting spirit overcomes her oppressor in smarter ways 😉

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  5. I just chanced upon an older post, and you know what, you just made me feel very guilty! And that’s good for me, and for society made up of many like me. As a husband and father to a daughter I thank you Sundaram, you have a golden pen.

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