The Drunk You

I know I know

You dance so well

You move like a dream

And cast your spell

I know my love

You don’t need to tell

You do look good

And I love how you smell

Wanna hear some more?

Wanna hear me yell?

You’re the best of ’em all

You’re gonna excel

Now enough for the day

‘Cause I feel like hell

Lemme drop you home

Lemme go to my shell

© Sundaram Chauhan


  1. Perfect drunken love story – all complete with yelled declarations of love, dreamy movements and all, concluding with the perfect hangover. And the featured pic is equally great 😀 a classic!

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      • Oh I meant your comment, girl…( I call you that cause I imagine you to be at least 10 years younger to me 🍀)
        I thought you were having fun when you said it was full of love 😁 cause I was damn frustrated thinking back on it…😁 I like being within my den, you know.
        And I am good too…not the best at the moment, but good. Thanks…and keep inspired. 🤘🍀🙌🙌

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  2. I was asking about that only.😂

    Well, I meant that. And I got you for this thing. 😂I also think of it as a challenge when it comes to sharing anything really personal. All that stuff about people being judgemental, you know. But sometimes it is worth it. And you don’t have to feel bad about it. We all are the same in one or the other way, ain’t we!

    Not the best but good! I hope you come back to the former phase soon.
    And yeah, how come you think that I am 10 years younger? Now I won’t be asking your age but I do have a guess for you to be somewhere in your late 20S or early 30S…maybe.😂

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    • Dear Chetna… late 20s is certainly the age I relate most to as a writer, for I had the best of times then, and I like to visit them often. But it’s a compliment if you think so. I am not much far off, but let it be a mystery 🤘🤘 I think knowing truths about others is so boring. I like to imagine it my way. Like, by the sound of you: conflicted but ambitious, mature yet youthful, I have a reality of my own about you. You might not be it at all, but we’re all so messed up, as you said, we are all the same. A varying combination of same old feelings and quirks.
      Sorry I’m off the track. 😀🙏🙏
      You know I once had a blog, one where I wrote all truths about me. And one day I deleted it all, ’cause they looked so ugly. And I dread telling truths now, without twisting them.
      And now I am just rambling. But I know you wouldn’t mind it.
      Take care Chetna…🍀🍀🙏

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      • Ahh! Let it be that way. I like it rather. To be free of any barriers of age or whatsoever. At least here.😃

        Now, that is a news to me! It is a big decision. And saying that, I know you must have had your time to land at this.
        I am all ears to your ramblings. They are interesting.
        A man of truths without a twist. It sounds good naa.😅😅

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  3. A rollicking story from start to end
    Its rhyme and rhythm did heartstrings bend
    Light and dark shown in equal measure
    The reality of life put in stanzas; so clever.

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  4. F***! That hurt!!! But this could be an introvert…or a depressed human or someone really aware to never get entrapped in a snare.

    There’s a beautiful song by MLTR that comes to my mind…Stuck in the heat of the night…

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