The Daily Fight

It carries on from the night before

First, you grapple with yourself

tame your own doubts

then ready yourself for the world

The world, where nobody – it seems – wants you to be working

towards a goal

they think

you are not worthy of

They snigger behind your back

dismiss your attempts

and write you off

‘Cause how can you be something

Or someone

they can’t

And what a delight it is then

to still keep trying

fanning the smoldering passion

into flames

so high

they consume you whole

So empowering it is, isn’t it

to welcome the dawn

fully charged up

Because the previous day was lived

to the best of your capabilities

You weren’t perfect

No. Far from it

But you persisted

You endured

Even when giving up seemed the only option

And this morning

you’re up again

to safeguard your dreams

as much from others as your own self

The day stands outside your window

Well-rested, and saddled

Mount it

It’s restless. It won’t wait

It never does

Ride it

It’ll sure try to throw you off its back

every now and then

But you’re not afraid of a few bruises. Are you?

And you’ve already won over

your worst enemy –


What else can trouble you now…

Sundaram Chauhan


  1. Wow Ride it! Just Ride it! the bruises ..well they heal..but moving forward is where you grow..create, become that success, some, the envious or the cynics doubted you had in you.. You have it in you..and today is a new day..I loved this conversation out loud..this internal talking-to you gave yourself. I’m hoping you want to be a writer..because well you ARE a writer..maybe you are many other things, but Sundaram you are one of my favorites! Write and write and anything else you feel you want to do..Be the best human being you can…but never…never stop writing! 🤗❤️🤗

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    • Dear Karima…you delight me with your poetry, and then with your comments…🍀🌸🍀…you are precious, and you know you’re my favourite too. 🤘
      You got it right, this was a kind of talking-to I gave to myself. And I’m glad you like it. And yes writing has long been a passion, and I do intend to some day be able to tell amazing stories that will entertain and engage people. Thanks so much for your wishes, my friend. I won’t ever stop working at it. 🙏🤜🤛🍀☺🍀

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      • I am so happy you enjoyed my comment..I find it fascinating how you are so aware of yourself, even your inner self and are able to communicate that with others, through your words.. It is very relatable to All of us, I would guess…because the creative process is so delicate and also different than so many “tasks” we find ourselves doing in our daily lives…but like the piano,practice and not letting up, will bring you close to your perfection. If I were a publisher, you would be published !! You have something special..a way of seeing and expressing that is quite refreshing and exciting..It is my hope millions read you..they should be… by the way, on this subject, there is someone else on WordPress, a woman, I have discovered, who has a very unique voice.. I recommend reading this and then digging into what else she has.. She deserves an audience:) Anyway..glad you will never cease and desist*smiles from your calling as a writer…You are one of the best…that’s just the truth! So proud we have a friendship! 🤗🌺🌹✨

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      • I have no words to express my gratitude to you, my friend. It’s your beautiful and generous heart that sees so much beauty around. This one comment I can print out and paste on my wall. It can enlighten my path in times of doubt. So very thank you. You make me smile. And hope.
        And I’ve saved the link you’ve shared, and will definitely check. I’m sure she must be good. ☺️
        🍀🍀🏵️🎼🎊🎉 and much love. 🙏🙏


  2. Very well written and very inspiring Sundaram. True, the biggest challenge to conquer is ones own reservations. And then the challenge is to continue it day after day, and yet make it more entertaining than a daily grind. Riding a goal is different from riding a dream. A dream ride is like surfing the web, starts on a high but rapidly diminishes into nothing. Riding a goal is more directed and consistent, like a long distance train ride maybe 🙂

    On a different note! When can be again go on those long distance train rides… Waiting for pandemic to be over.

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    • I love your thought on this. Riding a dream, and riding a goal. Lovely. And those long distance trains, well they have started, but I guess it’ll be a long time before we get comfortable enough to ride them. At least the world is open now. I’ve been able to go out around the place I live (Dehradun), and thank god there are open and clean mountains just nearby. I have begun to take calculated risks.😀🤘🙏

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      • Great! Even I would be tempted to take some risks if i had some great places around me. You are lucky to be in such beautiful places 🏔️🌄🏞️🗻

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  3. What a beautiful poem!
    Loved the way you have described the morn…..Waiting to be saddled…. Beautiful.
    It is very important to win over one’s doubts, esteem, fears…. Beautiful write. 🙂

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  4. Positivity itself! Loving the end: the first battle is always over ourselves. Your words are very strong here, your message just the same. Keep striving! Wishing you an amazing end of the year, and a better next one!

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  5. Such a positive post. Loved how you have given an important message to keep moving ahead in life even if there is bruises. I agree with you only we can be our worst enemy and our best friend. Its on us whom we want to be. It so important to have self belief and the hunger to keep going ahead no matter the obstacles because some dreams won’t let us sleep. And its important to live those dreams.
    Very well written.

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  6. Every time I came to a new capital letter my brain would automatically pause and I’d take a breath. I could feel the emotion of each different section, the cadence with which the words were leaping off the page at me, begging to be read and understood. So much heavy emotion. But at the end, the greatest gift of all: hope. And a thread to follow all the way to belief in ourselves.

    Thank you once again for this wonderful piece. 🙌🙏

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    • Hope, and self-belief I’ve come to know can never be taken for granted. The more you do to keep them alive the better. No one’s guaranteed anything in life, least of all, hope. Feels good to have spread some… thanks for reading, Hamish.🙏🙏

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  7. This is a great interpretation and description of what we do every single day. It resonated with me so much…especially the part about not being perfect but we just keep trying. Thank you for writing it.

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