Judge Me Not

Judge me not by what I share
    I share just a spoon from all I cook
      Please hold yourself until I find
        A purpose for me and for you a hook.

Don’t read my words with a face so grim
    I tell you I scrawled them just for some fun
      Label you can the ones who’ve arrived
        My journey my friend has only begun.

And alone I wander this wild so vast
    With fire in heart, in hand my guitar
      I'm dying to try and strum them all
        All tunes melodious and utterly bizarre.

Sundaram Chauhan
Photo by Erfan Sekhavat on Unsplash


  1. Ohh my dearest Sundaram..be brave!! Take a chance…I loved seeing you writing poetry…rhyming poetry at that, to prepare your way..Bring out the bizarre, bring out the guitar(If I can make a YouTube singing…well all is possible for you!!!) No judgement, we love you..love does not judge..Here is a safe place to try anything.. I believe this..You have such a wonderful group of loyal loving followers, fellow-poets, fellow dreamers, fellow-writers..Speaking just for me, but I bet I speak for many, I am excited to find what is in that brilliant mind, Let’s see what you’ve got!! All of it!! Big hugs and always my admiration….. Karima

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    • Thank you Karima, my friend, for such encouraging words. Your confidence in me, and curiosity makes me want to write better.
      It’s just that sometimes the fear of judgment takes a tight hold of me. So many brilliant looking pieces suddenly feel like lacking music when I am just about to share them. And I almost withdraw from WP.
      But you’re right. If I can’t experiment here, among such a supportive community, where else can I? Thanks again, Karima. Wish you an inspiring day ahead, in that heavenly beautiful room of yours. :))

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  2. Beautifully penned as always Sundaram…and nothing bizarre at all about it….you have an effortless way with words and it’s always an utmost pleasure reading your posts 👌👌😀😀

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  3. So lovely to read poetry from you, it is deeply thoughtful and so pleasant to read. It is also so wise – helped me feel humble and content for where I am. I especially loved the last 4 lines, though I found the entire poem truly beautiful 💛

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  4. Beautiful poem, so moody and melancholy. Don’t hold back the spoon my friend, ladle out the unknown and let those flavours be relished. For if regular is so beautiful, how beautiful must bizarre be 🙂

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  5. “I share just a spoon from all I cook” — that is a brilliant line, Sundaram.
    Strum, strum them all, especially the wild, fierce, and bizarre.

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    • Thanks Vera. The wild is so beautiful, right? So liberating. It’s just that you could so easily get lost in it, entangled in thorny shrubs. I’ve ended up in marsh lands more than once, slowly devoured. But I’m learning to get back out, and finish through it all. Always a pleasure to see you, Vera. :))

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